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Zombie Redhead

This was a long week. This week was last week but without the long weekend. I don't often feel like I'm not up to being social with my friends but last night I was just too wiped out. Even after a good night's sleep I still feel crabby and stressed out.

So I've got my tea, and the Christmas tree that we put up last week and decorated with help from Poe and Killian, and I'm going to try to remember that the long hours at this time of year are better than long hours all year round and they mean I have a job (that I do well) that lets me have a house I love to put that tree in and a comfy spot to sit while I look at the lits and it lets me do nice things for my family and repay my parents and not worry about meals and get myself something fun when I want to.

And then I'm going to eat something, go for a run, beat the shit out of the heavy bag for a while, tell my whiny self to suck it the hell up and (hopefully) feel more human than I have in days...