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Snuggled up in bed....gift selections seem to have been a win, the Hunchback Pie of Notre Dame was pronounced tasty and the annual mistake of trying to put on anything I wore at the in-laws' has been made *chokes on embedded cigarette smoke*. Time to sleep....

Hope it was a good holiday for everyone else out there.
Insensitive Bitch


You know those days when the alarm goes off and it seems like it MUST have gone off too early because you're still tired and it's cold out there and the sun isn't up yet, but you drag yourself out of bed anyway and make your breakfast and find your coat and scrape the ice off your windshield and slog off to the office and then sit there and pretend to be reading your email and drinking your warm source of caffeine but inside all you want to do is have a petulant little temper tantrum and stamp your feet and scream, "I DON'T WANNA!!!"?

Yeah....me neither...

Zombie Redhead

This was a long week. This week was last week but without the long weekend. I don't often feel like I'm not up to being social with my friends but last night I was just too wiped out. Even after a good night's sleep I still feel crabby and stressed out.

So I've got my tea, and the Christmas tree that we put up last week and decorated with help from Poe and Killian, and I'm going to try to remember that the long hours at this time of year are better than long hours all year round and they mean I have a job (that I do well) that lets me have a house I love to put that tree in and a comfy spot to sit while I look at the lits and it lets me do nice things for my family and repay my parents and not worry about meals and get myself something fun when I want to.

And then I'm going to eat something, go for a run, beat the shit out of the heavy bag for a while, tell my whiny self to suck it the hell up and (hopefully) feel more human than I have in days...
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Singing Jessica


I have Halloween pictures. Will post soon... (since I know at least one of you has been patiently waiting)

Also, GritPhilm and Snoopy continue to amaze me with what they can do with cameras. :)

So much for that extra hour...

Didn't change the clock by my bed before going to sleep. Woke up, contemplated going back to sleep, decided it was an acceptable time to go ahead and get on with the day...and now I'm up, dressed, chagrined that it's stupid early and I tricked myself into being up though my own absentmindedness, and debating whether to go ahead and try to nap on the couch or just give up, have a cup of tea and get on with the day. *sigh* Sometimes I'm hazardous to my own health...
Nerd Girl

Out of Office Message

One lesson of this week...OWS is having an impact on what message companies are getting with regard to how to handle executive compensation. Also, the AFL/CIO reps are unafraid to be vocal about having exactly the opposite opinion of most of the people on their panel or in the room generally. (And are very vocally supportive of OWS. But really, is that surprising?)

Other than that, attending conferences and trying to keep up with work at the same time is tiring...And LPN makes BART better. :)
Have a Drink

Party Post Mortem

The neighbors didn't complain so I guess we weren't too noisy last night, which is good considering the party ended up mostly outdoors. I'm also stunned I didn't freeze to death...though I think this is the first year in a long while (if ever) that I've gotten out of costume before the end of the night.

And I continue to be amused that the guys, who all overheat easily, were in trenchcoats and scarves and other costumes that would be way too warm inside, and half the ladies, who mostly get cold easily, had costumes that required halter tops and other general lack of fabric. One of these years we should all do something that requires coats...of course that will be begging for unseasonably warm weather that year. :D

I was pleased with the dress overall, even if I should have been a popsicle. After a year of hyping it, I think it worked. There was tape in strategic locations and I had at least part of my mind on not moving the wrong way the whole night, but it was worth it.

And Gwen gave me some good tips on what to do if I redid it to remove a couple of the tape points (which will be very useful regardless of whether I redo the red or whether I do a very similar design in green, which I'm tempted to do).

We also had some other rocking costumes...Poe's "Hellgirl" looked amazing and would totally be worth a run at BayCon. The Lorrior still looks amazing as Catwoman and her boy pulled an awesome Ash (complete with chainsaw) out of his closet. Lairian and Leiland showed off continued amazing skill with sewing projects in matching Bleach outfits. Snoopy put all the fun details into the Tom Baker version of The Doctor. Even the last second pulled together stuff was lots of fun...Vash, a whole unscripted medical team from Umbrella Corp complete with hazmat cleanup, corporate assassin, Tyler Durdin....it was a nice variety.

And GritPhilm indulged us by recording all of it...or maybe we indulged him by letting him shoot his camera off all night. Once there are pics available, I will post, but he gets all the time he needs to do post production. Least we can do for working him like a dog.

But of course, best of all was the non-costume related bits. One new engagement and one slightly more official engagement....definitely an evening of happy news. :)

There were a couple rocky bits, but there always are. And I probably didn't spend as much time with a few folks as I could have, but that's also pretty par for the course. Overall though, I think it was a pretty good night.
Have a Drink

Lorem Ipsum

Work has slowed down from last week's "obscenely overwhelming" to merely "stupid busy" again, which is good. Unfortunately, I don't see it backing off from "stupid busy" any time soon, so I will continue to be mildly crazed I think.

However, this weekend was a good chance to recover a bit (even if most of it is a bit hazy, and not just the parts where I was drunk and thus SHOULD be hazy), so if I can just finish clearing out this little bit of a head cold...

And I finished the Jessica dress - all but the addition of some sparkle. (I'm pondering covering the couches with sheets for the party this weekend...between glitter and body paint, it's going to be a very red Halloween.)

So there you go...still alive. Still not god.

And in the realm of life needing humor: